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The legend is reborn. Bendy bus hits the desert roads again. The crazy mission: catering bus in the Sahara!

Bus number 7 is an articulated bus altered to a rolling hostel, information and entertainment center. On its first challenge she crossed the Sahara in January/February 2008 participating the Budapest-Bamako Rally. The 9-person team traveled 16,000 kilometers (or 10,000 miles) to the heart of Africa, the capital of Mali, Bamako and back to the heart of Europe, Budapest.
Now "Bus number 7" is ready to conquer Africa again with an even more crazy mission to function as a catering bus! Get acquainted with a unique initiative, have a look at the extraordinary vehicle, travel with us through astonishing lands, meet a stout-hearted team, be a part of an unforgettable adventure!


Highways, stone deserts, sand du- nes, savannas - check out the route of "Bus number 7"!
Would you like to know how 9 people travel together for two weeks? Look at the special altered vehicle!
Peanuts for us, great joy for them. Want to know how can you help our charity work?
Be a part of the historic adventure! "Bus number 7" of- fers unique spon- sorship opportuni- ties.


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