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The Mission

"Bus number 7" takes charity work as priority. For years, we help the work and everyday life of the elementary school of Kalabankoro that operates in the suburbs of Bamako in real humility. We delivered computers, clothes, stationary, toys, medicine, tons of goods in total in 2008.

"Bus number 7" does not run through Africa like the participants of the Dakar rally - after reaching the continent, we stop regularly in a village and distribute useful goods to the leaders of the local communities who distributes the gifts. The organizers of the project have already visited the school in 2007 and were impressed by the strength of will and ambition that motived the headmaster, the teachers of the school and also the parents despite the extremely poor conditions. Within our own limits we contributed to the charity work and donations of the school in 2007. We participated the celebration organized by the children, parents and teachers for the participants of the Budapest-Bamako and handed over clothes, school equipment and other useful things to the school representatives. Rousing us to action in 2008, charity work was our emphasized goal. We tried to attract attention to the wonderful people and countries of West Africa, and to the fact that anyone can support those in a need with simple means. This resulted a huge quantity of charity goods we raised and delivered for those who really needed it.

Letter from the headmaster of the Kalabankoro primary school

Letters from the students


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