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Passengers of "Bus number 7"

Szabolcs Pétery (Szabi)
Chief Executive Officer and blogger

After spending his time with in various, less interesting jobs he realized it was time for a change. For about a year he only organizes adventure tours, after he spent a month as the co-organizer of the Caucasian Challenge, his new task is to lead the team of Bus number 7 in 2009. Apart from this he's responsible for the mechanical/technical preparations of the bus. He traveled extensively in the past as a crew member or captain of sail boats from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. He fell in love with Africa on the 2007 Budapest-Bamako rally.

Gyula Vörös (Gyulacell)
Driver and Chief Technical Officer
Our veteran driver from last year's journey. His nickname talks: he's not the type of driver who gets tired anytime. His stamina is incredible, he can do a 20 our shift with a plate of soup and 3-4 bottles of coke. His technical knowledge about Ikarus buses is unbeatable, his creative problem solving ability never lets him down. We'd like him to do what he's done last year. This case we are completely safe.

Sándor Somogyi (Soma)
Mechanic and Technical Officer

He's our mechanic, a really kind person but not the man of words. His presence brings egregious peace of mind for the team. He can repair anything from a wrist watch to a helicopter anytime anywhere with anything. It comes really handy when we travel in Africa in the middle of nowhere. Just like Gyula he was with us in 2008 and was happy to join us again. Hope he'll have less work this year.

Ági Székely (Szöszi)
Deputy Head of Catering Department

The only lady in the team this year. She can handle tough situations and makes excellent coffee. These two qualities make her qualify for the journey alone but in addition she's a cool and really kind girl. We like her and hope she'll like us too.

Péter Vörös

He's the son of Gyula, we don't really know much more of him. Our lives is in his hand so we trust him. He's not a man of words, but if he's just half as good driver as his father he beats any drivers in Africa. Not to mention the Italians...

Tamás Németh (Tom)
DOP, photo reporter and vice-blogger

Graduated on the Hungarian University of Applied Arts, specialized on photography and visual communication. He works on the stage of the Hungarian advertising theater for 18 years as art director, creative director or freelancer designer. A man of arts who tries to make this distorted world more human. He likes capturing pictures and experiences all around the world. Like Jack Kerouac, he's one of those who profess: the joy is to be on the road...
He was with the bus last year too and didn't think twice this time when we asked if he wanted to join us. He's right, there's a lot more to see and shoot!

Károly Hutnik (Karcsi)
Chef and Chief Security Officer

Karcsi is a famous and infamous chef well known in downtown Budapest restaurants. His distinguishing mark is his dog named Karcsi. He makes magic if it comes to catering, he proved this ability during last year's Caucasian Challenge. He's a creative cook and makes wonderful dishes even if the resources are very limited. We need this feature since Mauritani and Mali are not exactly famous for their cuisine. Karcsi tramped the World, visited all these countries before and he's got contacts everywhere. He's the Jolly Joker. We'll send him if we need to negotiate in any inconvenient situations.

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