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Antecendents of "Bus number 7"

The organizers found the bus at the missile repository /military base of the Hungarian Army in Nyírtelek. She was on duty there for 20 years right until she retired. Her task was to carry workers from the neighbouring city, (10 km) to the base in the morning and take them home in the afternoon, so she's done 20 kilometers a day and just a bit more than 100,000 kilometers in her life. After rescuing her from the Army, we took her to a company specialized in bus refurbishment and alteration. She returned home at last. We sketched our ideas to the engineer of the company who prepared a detailed plan and the conversion layout. Besides the alteration requested by us they checked the mechanical state of the bus and prepared the list of the necessary repairs and the palatial work started.

The refurbishment work of the bus was completed in one of the specialized plants of the ex Ikarus bus company. We tried to make the vehicle comfortable, since this is the home for 9 people for more than two weeks. There's an air conditioned bedroom, shower compartment, complete kitchen with electric and gas fridges and gas stove, lounge area with flat screen TV, DVD player, game console, a server with WI-FI, amplifier, computers, etc. "Bus number 7" will be a local communication center as well. We'll have local wireless server on the bus so participants can upload and store their photos and videos on that. The specialty of the bus is an eight square meters rooftop terrace which offers outdoor relaxation for the passengers, and also a great spot for photo or video shooting. "Bus number 7" will be the center for nightlife and parties. Besides the DJ counter we install high quality audio system, and a perfect outdoor party can arranged thanks for the external high-performance speakers.

We gathered a whole lot of useful experience during the one month African trip in 2008 so we conducted further refurbishment for the tough 2009 journey.

Technical data

Ikarus 280 is a suburban articulated bus manufactured by the Ikarus Bus Corporation, the trailer version of the Ikarus 260. Its specialty, that it can turn on the same curve as its shorter version thanks to the manoeuverable "C" axle.

Length: 16 500 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 3160 mm
Wheel base A-B: 5400 mm
Wheel base B-C: 6200 mm
Turning diameter: 20,8 m
Net weight: 12 200 kg
Gross load: 10 300 kg
Total gross weight: 22 500 kg
Floor area for passengers: 15,63 m2
Total passengers: 146
Seats: 37
Doors: 4, “harmonica” type
Engine: Rába D10UTSLL
Engine type: four stroke diesel
Total cubic capacity: 10 350 cm3
Number of cylinders: 6
Cylinder displacement: serial
Power output: 140 kW (200 BHP) 2100 f/p
Max. torque: 697 Nm / 1300 f/p
Gear shift: ZF S6-90U
Tyres (original): Taurus 1100 - 20" diagonal
Voltage: 24 V
Battery: 2 x 6 EU 13, capacity: 182 Ah

(Source: Wikipedia)


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